Tennessee tradition Elevated…

King's Family Distillery may be one of the newest producers of spirits in the area, but the distilling history of the King family dates back a century. Whether they were making spirits legally or illegally, they continue to be passionate about creating an end product that results in a loyal customer base. Cara King has opened the doors of King's Family Distillery to honor the heritage of her family and the region while remaining true to her own convictions by producing a diverse range of product that will delight many individual preferences. 



cara king- owner and jacqueline of all trades

Cara King is passionate about high quality spirits. "I refuse to present a product that doesn't meet my exceedingly high standards," says King. From the selection of excellent grain, to barrelling, blending, and bottling, the entire process of distilling King's Family spirits is monitored closely by King to ensure the very best bottle. The King Family has been producing spirits for close to a century and in 2014 she married someone who shares her passion for producing unique liquor. The King family all take part in making this business a gem in the East-Tennessee Region. 


kathleen herrala - merch maven

Kathleen is the queen of our retail department and just so happens to be Cara’s mom! Kathleen is proud that the King family has lived in the Smoky Mountains for hundreds of years. She comes from a long line of farmers and is still involved in the family farm. Kathleen and Cara are both committed to providing the best products, distilled or otherwise, to their guests. “We want you to leave with a smile on your face, and knowing you will be back.”