Our Vodka is made from American corn and is distilled at least 5 times.  We use a proprietary filtering process and blend it with the purest water pulled from the Great Smoky Mountains to achieve the smoothest tasting vodka around.  



Rye is our first love.  Our proprietor hand selected the mash bill based on her expertise and proofs the product to a level that highlights the traditional spiciness that Rye Whiskey is known for.  

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Our Bourbon is carefully selected by our proprietor based on her prior experience in the whiskey industry.  The high corn content evokes the sweetness of the South.  It matches very well with the water source we use to bring it to bottling proof, creating an expertly curated bourbon experience.


blended whiskey

Our Blended Whiskey is a smooth libation with a pleasantly light but rich whiskey flavor. It is perfect for mixing in a cocktail, sipping on the rocks, or enjoying neat!


Apple whiskey

Our Apple Whiskey is made with true two year old whiskey and all natural flavor.  Bottled at 61 proof, we preserve the flavor of the whiskey as well as the crispness of the apple, making this spirit one to slowly sip or shake in a cocktail.


ginger vodka

Our Ginger Flavored Vodka evokes thoughts of one of our favorite cocktails: the Moscow Mule.  We prefer to drink ours over ice, but Ginger Vodka lends a sweet heat to a cocktail - our King Mule recipe is a favorite: a jigger of King’s Ginger Flavored Vodka over crushed ice, topped with soda and a squeeze of lime! Served in a copper mug, of course!